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Every order designed and delivered by us is looked upon as a commitment to delivering the freshest possible flowers with artistic flair while also providing you with the highest level of customer service. We deliver gifts, flowers, and balloons uniquely chosen by you.

Flowers & Gifts by Dan Tay's, Inc.

222 West Highway 290

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Our store hours are Tuesday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

We are closed on Sunday and Monday.

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Our shop serves the following areas: Dripping Springs, Oakhill, Wimberly, Johnson City, and Blanco.


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  • Delivering the freshest product with the highest level of customer service.
  • Locally owned and operated for 18 years.
  • Fresh Flowers, Gift & Fruit Baskets, Plants, Garden or Planters and Balloons.
  • Contact us about having fresh flowers delivered to your home or business once a month

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If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us by e-mail at dantaysgifts@yahoo.comor call us directly at 800-688-5587 or 512-858-7625. We're always here to serve you and make your flower-sending experience a pleasure.

Delivery Policy

A local delivery fee of will be added to each order, for each address. (For deliveries outside our local delivery area, this fee may vary.)


U.S. orders must be received before 12:00 noon in the recipient's time zone to assure same-day delivery. Orders received after that time will be delivered the following day.


We will do our best to accommodate deliveries at specific times of day, but we cannot guarantee it.


We are unable to make deliveries on Sundays. Deliveries requested on this day will be delivered the following business day.


Delivery of orders to rural route addresses or cemeteries cannot be guaranteed.


We will be happy to accept your international orders if you call our shop directly. We are unable to accept international orders over the Internet.

Party themes

People go to parties to have fun and socialize. What better way to show your creativity, add character to your party and dazzle your guests than through a theme? Here are a few ideas to jump-start your imagination:

Backyard Barbecue

A backyard barbecue is relaxed, festive and friendly. Since barbecues usually take place in the summer, ask your florist about which flower varieties do well in your climate.

Floral Decorating Ideas

Consider using Mason jars filled with bunches of daisies (a great summer flower) over checkered tablecloths. Drop a few candles into similar jars if it is an evening event. Or ask your florist to make colorful arrangements in fun containers such as baskets or bottles.

Special Touches

Decorate pies and cakes with matching flowers and greens. Use strands of raffia to tie napkins around silverware, slipping a single stem into each bow.

Mexican Fiesta

Everyone loves a fiesta. The word conjures up images of swirling, vivid colors amidst music and laughter. Flower décor should be bright, bold and fun. Ole!

Floral Decorating Ideas

For a lively centerpiece, try mixing colorful gerbera daisies in Mexican "bubble" glass or painted pottery. Make a flower punch float for the Sangria bowl using a mixture of bright blooms. Suspend or display piñatas that have been opened on the top and have flowers arranged inside. Place flower arrangements or plants in sombreros for a table piece.

Special Touches

Scatter brightly colored flower petals on the tables around centerpieces or candles. Decorate Margarita glasses with a cocktail pick piercing a small bloom and a lime.

Size Up the Seating

Determining how and if guests will be seated is an important step in planning your party decorations. Be sure to avoid inviting more guests than your table or location can comfortably handle.

Seating checklist:

  • How many guests will be attending your party?
  • How many guests will your current dining table seat comfortably?
  • Is there enough extra space in the room for guests be able to move comfortably to socialize?
  • Does it make more sense to seat your guests at several smaller tables rather than one large table?
  • Is there enough space for drink or hors d'oeuvre stations?
  • Can you do a buffet in place of a seated affair?
  • Do you have an outdoor living area such as a patio that could be utilized, weather permitting?

Create Mood Magic

The selection of flower varieties and color choice can go a long way in achieving the mood you desire. Just follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Consider the Lighting

For low-light or candlelight use lighter or "warmer" colored flowers - such as yellows, oranges and reds. Whites and lighter colors are also excellent reflective choices for candlelight. Avoid "cooler" colors such as purple, violet or dark blue - these are considered passive colors and don't reflect light as well. For bright spaces anything goes. Since bright light is highly reflective and shows color in it's purest hue you might want to use deeper or darker tones such as burgundy, purple or deep blue.

Extra light can add dimension to any party. Add a few white "twinkle lights" to trees or try shining an inexpensive work light or can light onto a floral arrangement for dramatic impact. These can easily be hidden with a plant or cloth.

Step 2: Choose Colors That Help Create the Mood

When planning your floral décor, think of the way you might make the best use of color to enhance the environment. Take a cue from the type of food you plan to serve. To make the most of a zesty Mexican meal, spice it up with bright reds and golds. If a romantic wedding brunch in a traditional setting is on the agenda, pastels may be the perfect choice. A casual pasta dinner might call for eclectic colors.

Step 3: Select Flower Varieties That Get Your Point Across

While almost "anything goes" in flowers, there are certain varieties or design styles that best enhance the look or environment you are trying to achieve. Florists can help you with appropriate choices that will both highlight your mood or theme and stay within your budget.

Unique Ideas for Party Flowers

Here are a few more simple and inexpensive ideas to add that extra special touch to your party:

Flower Napkin Rings/Guest Favors

Ask your florist to create a floral napkin ring for each guest, or order a few extra flowers that match the centerpiece and simply tuck one into each folded napkin or napkin ring. Be sure to keep flowers in water until right before guests arrive and then cut the stem back to about 3 inches. Ask your florist about what kinds of flowers work best for this type of treatment.

Floral Place Cards for Each Guest

Use small vases with one flower cut very short in each as place holders. The card can be glued or taped to the front of the vase, or nestled into the blossom itself. Another option is to glue each place card to a single flower blossom.

Dressed Up Candles

Place votive candles on flower petals or a leaf. Add ribbons with flowers to candlesticks. Float flowers or fragrant flower blooms in crystal bowls.

Buffet Flowers

Ask your florist to make several designs in different sizes. Place them throughout the buffet table to allow everyone to see the flowers up close.

Decorate a Cake with Flowers

Ask your florist which flowers make the best cake decorations. Wash the flowers thoroughly and allow them to dry. Cut the stems to about 1 inch. Dip the ends into melted paraffin and allow them to dry before inserting the stems directly into the cake. Foliage or flat flowers such as pansies can be placed flat onto the cake.

Posies in the Punch

Make a punch float by placing washed fruit or edible flowers into a tube cake pan. Fill with water to about 3 inches. Freeze it and pop it into the punch bowl flower side up as guests arrive. Make sure that you replace the float when the ice melts.

Garnishing Trays and Platters

Line the tray or the edges of your serving platter with decorative lettuce leaves or kale. Use flowers as accents in the center or on a corner of the tray. This is a great way to disguise serving platters that don't match.

Special Care Tips for Party Decoration Flowers

If possible, ask your florist to deliver your party flowers the day of the event. Follow these tips to ensure maximum enjoyment:

  • Always select the freshest floral products that will work best in your environment. Keep your flowers as cool as possible, but never below 35 degrees. Keep them away from drafts and sunlight and away from appliances or equipment that generate heat.
  • Never store fruit and flowers together. Fruit puts off ethylene gas, which can cause some flowers to wilt.
  • If the flowers are delivered the day before your party, hold in moisture by misting the flowers with a spray bottle and cover lightly with a thin plastic bag or dry cleaner bag.

Party Countdown Checklist

  • When and where will the party be held?
  • How many guests will be invited?
  • What is the food and service plan?
  • What is the seating arrangement?
  • How many tables will be used (serving tables vs. seated tables)?
  • What are the sizes of the tables?
  • What is the mood or theme I want to create?
  • What is the lighting situation?
  • What is my budget for flowers?

A few other things to consider when working with your florist:

  • If you are unclear about some of the above questions then invite your florist to see the home/facility to get his or her input and creative ideas.
  • Inform your florist of your seating and service plans so that he or she may provide some "unexpected" mood makers.
  • Explain in detail the mood you want to create and ask about rentals, props or other ideas to enhance the event.
  • Discuss your budget and expectations.
  • Sometimes special flowers require some extra time to order so be sure to give your florist plenty of advance notice.
  • Ask if your florist will deliver and decorte for you.

Gift Giving

Today's consumers are desperately seeking individuality. As this desire for personal attention grows, consumers spend more time personalizing the gifts they give. In fact, a survey commissioned by the Society of American Florists shows that 89 percent of Americans place a priority on choosing gifts that reflect the personality of the recipient. With the hundreds of sizes, shapes and colors flowers come in, floral arrangements are one of the easiest gifts to customize.

Fun with Flowers: Customizing Floral Gifts

When it comes to gift giving, carefully selecting the varieties and colors you send will result in thoughtful, customized gifts people appreciate and like to receive.

The first step is to consider the preferences of the person who is receiving the gift. For instance: What colors does she like? Does she have any favorite flowers? What are his hobbies? What kind of message do you want to convey?

Finally, consult with your florist, who can help you create just the right gift, as well as explain the assortment of possibilities available.


People who are casual, earthy and prefer the outdoors. Flowering or green plants, meadow flowers and woodsy accents suit this personality best.


People who are generous, spontaneous and extravagant. Bouquets of soft colors, light fragrances and accents of lace or ribbon might suit romantics.


Individuals who seek personal betterment and are attracted to the unconventional - from new age to the arts. Exotic flowers and unusual combinations of shape, color and texture will match their creativity and artistic bent.


People who are trustworthy, family oriented and prefer classic styles. They appreciate lush arrangements with a great variety of flowers.


Individuals who are cutting-edge trendsetters and enjoy living in the moment. Vogue styles such as monochromatic bouquets or arrangements with a few, large vibrant flowers are favorites.

What Women Want

Sometimes men make life difficult for themselves - like avoiding that fateful stop at the gas station for directions or faithfully earning the Mr. Fix-It title around the house. But sometimes, a little help goes a long way.

Life is too short not to be romantic, and being romantic doesn't have to be extravagant or complicated. A little motivation and a little help are all you need to go from couch potato to Casanova.

Here are 10 easy ways to be romantic:

  1. Send her flowers unexpectedly. Choose a bunch of her favorite flowers of her favorite colors or ask your florist (man's next best friend) for suggestions.
  2. Write her a check for a million kisses, and let her take it to the bank.
  3. Have "your song" playing on the stereo when she returns home from work or errands, and whisk her into a spontaneous dance.
  4. For a change of pace - eat breakfast by candlelight or have dinner in bed.
  5. Fill her car with red balloons.
  6. Write her a love letter - it doesn't have to be perfect, poetic or long - just from you.
  7. Have a "play date" once a month, where you get away together for a day of fun.
  8. Fill her answering machine or voicemail with romantic messages.
  9. Kidnap her - blindfold her and take her to a favorite restaurant, the theatre, the racetrack or another place you both enjoy.
  10. Draw her a bath sprinkled with rose petals, and light some candles.

Put The Man

How to Put the "Man" Back in RO-MAN-CE

According to a Survey of Women: No Need to Be Prince Charming

The question of how to woo women has haunted men since the dawn of time. But now the answer is clear, thanks to recent research. Do women want to be romanced by Prince Charming? Surprisingly, the answer is no.

Always a Chance for Romance

A recent nationwide survey of women conducted by International Communications Research offers new hope for the nation's legion of couch potatoes: 80 percent of women say they could be romanced by a man who is less than perfect.

While no man is a flawless Casanova, romance is not entirely foreign to men. In fact, 91% - exactly the same percentage as women - feel romance is important in a relationship.

What Women Want

What makes women happy? According to the survey, when it comes to romance, actions speak louder than words. When asked how they would like the men in their lives to add romance to their relationships, the top answer women gave was for him to send her flowers unexpectedly (41 percent). Other popular romantic gestures included cooking dinner for two, writing her a love song or poem and watching a romantic movie together. A small percent said they would even like to be fed grapes.

Women and Romance Survey Results

The results below offer trends on women and romance. Percentages tally the top answers provided by women, unless otherwise noted. The independent survey of 1,000 women and men was conducted in April 2000 by International Communications Research for the Society of American Florists.

Q. How important is romance to a relationship?

The same percentage of men and women agree that romance is important to a relationship.

Men                     91 %

Women                91 %

Q. Could you be romanced by a man who is less than perfect?

80 percent of women surveyed agreed that they could be romanced by a man who is less than perfect.

Q. What would you like your significant other to do to add romance to your life?

When it comes to romance, women would like the men in their lives to:

41%          Send her flowers unexpectedly

32%          Cook dinner for two

10%          Write her a poem or love song

8%            Watch a romantic movie together

2%            Feed her grapes

Q. Do you agree that flowers continue to be a universal sign of romance?

88 percent of women surveyed named flowers a universal sign of romance.

Q. Which is or would be your favorite time to receive flowers?

Women prefer to receive flowers:

74%       No special reason at all

15%       On a dating or marriage anniversary

4%         Before an evening out to say "I can't wait"

2%         After an evening out to say "Thank you"

1%        At the door as you go out for the evening

America's Romantic Temperature

Both Men and Women Agree: Men Only Lukewarm in Romance

Though our planet may be warming, America's romantic climate registers "fizzle" not "sizzle," according to a survey conducted by the Society of American Florists (SAF). Only 19% of men rank themselves as a seven or higher on a romantic scale of one to 10. And women agree: Just 19% rate their husband, boyfriend or significant other a seven or more.

The remaining 81% of men rank their romantic temperature anywhere from mild to downright chilly, according to the survey. But these men can soon take advantage of an ideal opportunity to spark a heat wave.

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to ignite the romance in any relationship. It's a great time for men to step outside their usual routine and explore their passionate side.

Overcoming Inertia

The survey results suggest many men would rate higher on the romance scale if they simply planned their Valentine's Day activities before the last minute. When asked how early they prepare for Valentine's Day, only a third of men said they purchase gifts or make arrangements a week or more in advance. On the other end of the spectrum, 30% wait until Valentine's Day or the day before to order or purchase gifts for their sweetheart.

Men who rank particularly low on the romance scale may want to start warming things up before Valentine's Day itself. Planning ahead is the best-kept secret of romance. It's a good idea to order flowers and make any special arrangements at least a week in advance. Send flowers or other romantic gifts to your Valentine at work. There's nothing like a special delivery at the office to make a woman feel appreciated publicly. A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

For men, there is good news in the survey results: There are so few red hot Romeos out there that it won't take much to make yourself stand out from the competition. With a little planning and creativity, you can really light a fire. Florists are experts in helping you create an arrangement that suits your sweetheart's desires and eloquently communicates your feelings.

Do Flowers Make Us Happier?

Science and Nature Unearth New Insights into Emotional Health

Rutgers Behavioral Study Links Flowers and Life Satisfaction

With today's high-tech and fast-paced lifestyle taking its daily toll on our lives, experts advise exercise and other personal lifestyle changes to relieve stress. According to recent behavioral research conducted at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, nature provides us with a simple way to improve emotional health - flowers. The presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner far beyond what is normally believed.

"What's most exciting about this study is that it challenges established scientific beliefs about how people can manage their day-to-day moods in a healthy and natural way," said Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at Rutgers and lead researcher on the study.

Research Findings

A team of researchers explored the link between flowers and life satisfaction in a 10-month study of participants' behavioral and emotional responses to receiving flowers. The results show that flowers are a natural and healthful moderator of moods.

  1. Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness. All study participants expressed "true" or "excited" smiles upon receiving flowers, demonstrating extraordinary delight and gratitude. This reaction was universal, occurring in all age groups.
  2. Flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods. Specifically, study participants reported feeling less depressed, anxious and agitated after receiving flowers, and demonstrated a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction.
  3. Flowers make intimate connections. The presence of flowers led to increased contact with family and friends.

"Common sense tells us that flowers make us happy," said Dr. Haviland-Jones. "Now, science shows that not only do flowers make us happier than we know, they have strong positive effects on our emotional well being."


The Emotional Impact of Flowers Study was conducted by Jeannette M. Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology.


Flowers are a great way to let someone who is ill, or just feeling blue, know you're thinking of him, even if you can't visit him in person. They're not only a terrific way to brighten up a hospital room, but can ease the loneliness of recovering at home. They are a simple, sincere and unobtrusive way to lift spirits, bring a smile to a tired face or brighten up a room for someone who is under the weather. In fact, they might be just the trick to cheer someone up.

Ordering Tips

If you order flowers to be delivered to a hospital, it's helpful to have the following ready when you call your florist: the name of the hospital, the patient's name, room number (if possible) and when you want the flowers delivered. It is also good to know if the hospital has a policy regarding flowers. For instance, most urgent care and intensive care units do not allow flowers. Sometimes hospital rooms have certain display areas for flowers, but they must be a specified size. Your florist will know about the hospitals in your area.


It is never easy comforting a relative, friend or associate who has lost a loved one. People are often uncertain as to the best way to show their sympathy. Adding to this uncertainty are changing trends in how Americans commemorate the death of a loved one. Services are simpler and shorter. Viewing periods are now typically limited to one day, if they occur at all. A greater number of cremations have resulted in shorter or no memorial services.

Flowers have traditionally been sent to the funeral home for display during the viewing and service. However, this does not mean that there should be no show of sympathy if no service is held. Grief therapists agree that the rituals surrounding death are an aid in the grieving process. In instances where there is no service, experts recommend sending condolences to the bereaved person or family's home.

The Weeks Following the Funeral: Helping a Friend in Grief

The funeral service is over. Friends and family have paid their respects and gone home. There are no more hectic plans to distract the grieving family, and the shock has worn off. They are now left feeling lost and alone.

Experts say that although the initial outpouring of sympathy is a great comfort to a family that has lost a loved one, many people experiencing such a loss appreciate being thought of in the weeks and months after the funeral. Consider sending flowers or a plant with a personal note to the home of the bereaved. Your message of, "I'm here if you need me," will show the bereaved that no matter how much time passes, he or she can count on your support.

Sympathy Etiquette

How do I know what is appropriate when ordering flowers for a funeral?

Sympathy tributes vary region to region, so it is best to ask your florist what he or she recommends. Sometimes a florist will know what the family has ordered or what other tributes are being sent, and can create something for you that will be a nice complement to the other flowers. The florist should also be familiar with any restrictions the funeral home or cemetery might have. Additionally, if a family has any special requests, the local florists are usually notified and can pass that information on to you.

I have seen a lot of different styles of floral arrangements at funeral services lately. What is best? How do I order a "special" design?

Highly personalized sympathy tributes that depict an aspect of a person's essence are a growing trend. If the deceased was a man who loved the outdoors, perhaps a tribute incorporating branches and natural materials would be ideal. If the deceased was an avid gardener, a tribute with a collection of garden flowers may be a perfect choice. Be prepared to give the florist a few hints about the person you want to memorialize. If you prefer to send a design that is more a reflection of your style, be sure to communicate that to the florist. Most flower shops will have photos of traditional sympathy styles for you to peruse.

Is it okay to send flowers to the family's home? If so, when is it appropriate to send them?

Absolutely. This is a wonderful way to express your sympathy and is a common trend. Some people choose to send flowers to the home immediately while others prefer to wait a week or more. There are no rules. Flowers can be a very comforting reminder during the grieving process that friends haven't forgotten.

Is it still appropriate to send flowers if the death notice mentions a charitable donation?

Yes. Because flowers help say what is often difficult to express, they are always appropriate and in good taste. Flowers also play a functional role, adding warmth to the service and providing the visible emotional support that the family needs during this time.

Is it acceptable to send roses or flowers in a glass vase to the funeral home?

From an etiquette standpoint this is perfectly acceptable; however, some funeral homes have rules about certain types of arrangements. Your florist will be familiar with what each funeral home allows.

If several of us want to go in together for funeral flowers, how do we sign our names so the family knows how to thank us?

When groups go in together on flowers, the arrangements can be very special and make a larger showing. There should be room on the floral enclosure card for several names, but if there's not enough space it is best to sign as a group, such as "The Girls in Accounting" or "The Smith Family." Include a contact name and address on the card so the family knows who to thank.

Where did the tradition of sending funeral flowers come from?

Flowers have always played an important role in burial traditions because of their soothing qualities. In ancient cultures, floral and herb essences were used to anoint the bodies of the deceased and aromatic flowers and greens were displayed.

Is it appropriate to send a plant to the funeral home? If so, will the funeral home send it to the family after the service?

Yes, it is appropriate to send a green or flowering plant. Some funeral homes will deliver plants or flowers to the home if specified. In some cases, the florist may make arrangements to pick up the plant after the services and deliver it to the family. Otherwise, the funeral director will simply notify the family members that they may take the plants with them after the service. Check with your florist to see what is customary for your area.

If I want to place a tribute in or on the casket, what should I do?

This tradition is usually reserved for family members or special loved ones. Ask the family before ordering anything for the casket. Your florist can offer suggestions for other special tributes.

What is appropriate to send for a cremation?

A tastefully designed floral tribute adds beauty to any type of memorial service. It is common for the family to have an arrangement designed for display with the urn. Because cremation is quite common in an increasing number of regions, many florists will have specific suggestions.

Every bride wants her wedding day to be absolutely perfect. And because every woman has her own sense of taste and style, "perfect" means a wedding that is increasingly creative and personal. Flowers are not only a crucial part of every wedding, they are an element that can be arranged to fit any wedding day scenario. The bride should work with her florist to choose a bouquet that fits her personal style and complements the general motif of her wedding.

Wedding Bouquet Trends

Today's wedding bouquets are more personal than ever, running the gamut from classic all-white formal arrangements to unique designs featuring brightly colored flowers. The following are four popular bouquet styles:


Nosegays - round clusters of flowers - are a very trendy style of bridal bouquet. Also called a tussie mussie, this style of bouquet dates back to the 14th century, when it was used to mask unpleasant odors - thus the term "nosegay." Nosegays can vary in sophistication and are therefore a good choice for any wedding.

Cascade Bouquets

Cascade bouquets feature flowers that descend below the main portion of the bouquet design. The voluptuousness of the bouquet is often the main feature of the wedding costume. Cascade bouquets are most often used in formal and traditional weddings.

Hand-tied Bouquets

Florists create hand-tied bouquets by placing the stems of the flowers, foliage and accessories in their hand and wrapping them around the center of the design until they are securely fastened. These arrangements are designed to show the natural growth of the stems, which are often wrapped in ribbon or french braided together. Hand-tied bouquets have a more casual air and are particularly nice for garden weddings and brides who like the feeling of an unarranged gathering of flowers.

Contemporary Bouquets

Contemporary bouquets are inspired by unconventional ideas, styles and patterns and are designed with no specific geometric form. They are usually created with flowers that have definite form and add character to a bouquet (such as calla lilies, orchids and anthuriums). Contemporary bouquets represent the individuality of the bride and are perfect for a sophisticated, cosmopolitan style wedding. They're simplistic but have the added grace of asymmetrical design.

Wedding and Reception Flowers

At the Ceremony

  • Adorn the ceremony entrance with flower-filled urns that can later be moved to the reception. Use flowers and candlelight at different levels to give dimension to design.
  • Use a single rose to mark the seats of both the groom's and the bride's mothers.
  • Attach flower petals to a large ribbon for an elegant decoration piece.

At the Reception

  • Garland the center of the head table with flowers, foliage and votive candles.
  • Use the bridesmaids' bouquets to create lavish buffet table decorations or to surround the cake.
  • Have your florist create guest table centerpieces with 4-5 separate clusters of flowers so that each couple can take a part of the centerpiece home.
  • Float large fragrant flowers, such as open roses or gardenias, in crystal containers with votive candles.
  • Sprinkle rose petals on the cake table and walkways.
  • Have the "throw-away" bouquet double as a cake top.
  • Decorate goblets and cake knives with flowers.
  • Use a cake plate with a mound of flowers on it as a centerpiece.
  • Use roses to make a dome at the top of a glass bowl filled with pretty rocks, and place a wreath around the bowl to highlight it.
  • Toss rose petals instead of rice as the bride and groom leave.

Wedding Flowers

How far in advance should I contact the florist when ordering wedding flowers?

Flowers are one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. They set the mood and tone for the event and will be remembered for years to come. Many florists can accept only a set number of weddings on a given day, so it is important to contact your florist well in advance to begin planning. A good rule of thumb is to contact your florist at least three months in advance. However, if your wedding is going to be an exceptionally elaborate event, take place during peak wedding season or fall on a holiday, then six months to a year is not too soon to contact your florist. This will allow the florist to begin looking for any props or specialty items you might need. Wedding flowers can be highly specific and colors often have to be very precise, so florists need advance notice to place flower orders.

Will a florist work within my budget?

Yes. Be honest about your budget on the initial consultation so the florist knows what to recommend. By taking your budget into consideration from the very beginning of the planning process, the florist can give you the best advise on how to place the flowers for maximum effect and what types of flowers will be the best value to achieve your desired look.

Is it okay to visit several florists to get estimates?

Sure, but tell the florists that you are gathering estimates rather than making an appointment for a consultation. Be prepared with a detailed list of your floral needs. The florist will be able to give a rough estimate without a lengthy meeting. If you are gathering ideas and then comparisons, it is best to inform the florist of your intentions. Floral designers are trained and highly skilled floral artists. Their ideas have value. You may be asked to pay a consultation fee if you want to discuss a florist's actual ideas for your wedding. In most cases, the fee will be applied to the flowers once the order is placed.

What should I bring to the flower shop when I have my wedding consultation?

The more information you can provide the better your florist will be prepared to offer creative suggestions. Your florist will want to create a spectacular and memorable event for you. Anything you can bring will be beneficial. Pictures that depict what you have in mind are extremely helpful. Bring a photo of your dress and a sample of the fabric or lace if you have it, as well as swatches and photos of the bridesmaids' dresses. Also think about what "style" of wedding you want. If you are not sure, your florist can offer suggestions based on your wedding plans so far.

What can a florist do to help me stretch my ceremony and reception budget?

Besides suggesting specific types of flowers that will work within your budget, a professional florist can offer helpful suggestions as to what flowers might be used at both the ceremony and reception. A few examples: bridesmaids' bouquets can become table decorations; the bride's bouquet can become the head table arrangement; the pew markers can become festive bows on cars or doors; altar designs can flank the buffet or cake table, etc. Florists are overflowing with creative ways to make use of your budget and flowers wisely.

Prom Tips

Florists know how very important prom flowers are to their young customers and are happy to work with them to make their corsages and boutonnieres special. If you have your heart set on a certain corsage style or type of flower, then there is nothing wrong with letting your date know what you would like. You might even suggest going to the florist shop together to pick out your flowers. Florists are experts at customization. Show your dress (or a swatch of the fabric) to your florist and ask him or her to select an appropriate ribbon. Or you can ask to see what ribbons he or she has on hand and choose one yourself.

Current Trends

Two popular styles are wrist corsages and small hand-held nosegays (and they look great with strapless dresses!). Popular flowers are mini (or sweetheart) roses, standard roses, dendrobium orchids, alstroemeria lilies, mini carnations and other small flowers such as cornflowers and freesia. Flowers for your hair or neck or corsages pinned to an evening bag are also great choices. Talk to your florist about the options and ask to see photos of these different styles.

Ordering Tips

It is important to remember that prom season is also peak wedding season and often falls on Mother's Day weekend. Therefore, popular flowers such as sweetheart roses, white roses and certain orchids used to create decorative body flowers are in high demand. Ordering at least two weeks in advance so that your florist has time to order the necessary quantities should ensure that you get what you really want. Tell your florist what your budget is and ask him or her for ideas. An inexpensive flower used in a lovely corsage style can be just as beautiful as a more expensive bloom. Alstroemeria lilies are a good choice, as are mini carnations. But your florist will know what the best value is.

Prom FAQ

Prom Flowers

How far in advance should I order my flowers for the prom?

It is important to remember that prom season is also peak wedding season and many times also falls on Mother's Day weekend. Therefore, popular flowers such as sweetheart roses, white roses and certain orchids used to create decorative body flowers are in high demand. Ordering at least two weeks in advance so that your florist has time to order the necessary quantities should ensure that you get what you really want.

Should my date's boutonniere match my corsage?

This is certainly becoming a popular trend but is not necessary.

Will my florist make something special just for me? Can I choose a ribbon?

Certainly. Florists know how important prom flowers are to their young customers and will be happy to work with you to make a special corsage. Florists are experts at customization. Show your dress or a swatch of the fabric from your dress to your florist and ask him or her to select an appropriate ribbon. Or you can ask to see what ribbons he or she has on hand and choose one yourself.

What is the hottest corsage for proms?

Two popular styles are wrist corsages and small hand-held nosegays. Popular flowers are mini (or sweetheart) roses, standard roses, dendrobium orchids, alstroemeria lilies and other small flowers such as cornflowers and freesia.

How do I let my date know what type of flowers I really want?

If you have your heart set on a certain corsage style or type of flower, then there is nothing wrong with letting your date know what you would like. You might suggest going to the florist shop together so you can order his boutonniere to match your corsage. You could also show him a few photos of flowers and ask what he would like for his boutonniere. Be sure you also have a photo of what you want.

What type of corsage goes best with a strapless dress?

Either a wrist corsage or a hand-held nosegay. Flowers for your hair or neck or corsages pinned to an evening bag are also great choices. Talk to your florist about the options and ask to see photos of these different styles.

My budget is limited. Are there less expensive flowers that won't make me look "cheap"?

Tell your florist what your budget is and ask him or her for ideas. An inexpensive flower used in a lovely corsage style can be just as beautiful as a more expensive bloom. Alstroemeria lilies are a good choice, as are mini carnations. But your florist will know what the best value is.

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Substitution Policy

Occasionally, substitutions may be necessary to create your bouquet due to the availability of certain flowers in various parts of the country. Care is taken to maintain the style, theme and color scheme of the arrangement, using flowers of equal value. Additionally, the substitution of certain keepsake items may be necessary due to increased demand, especially during major holidays. In single-flower arrangements, such as an all rose bouquet, or orchids, we will make every attempt to match the flower type, but may substitute with another color.

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